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Breakfree Holidays – UX/UI Design

Breakfree Holidays is a UK and European aggregator specialising in UK staycations for holiday parks, cottages, boating and more. The aim of the task was to redesign an incredibly outdated product based on recently designed branding improvements which I was also the design lead on.

Leading this design project began with understanding the limitations of the current product, and assessing what we needed it to achieve to increase traffic and bookings. We undertook extensive customer surveys to ascertain its place in the market, and assessed which UX improvements were essential to improve the booking experience, and to funnel the users through the customer journey and booking process as effortlessly as possible.

Once initial wireframes and user journeys were agreed upon, I began designing the product using Figma, as part of a series of sprints before passing the agreed upon designs to the development team. Once the product was in a staging environment, it was thoroughly tested and evaluated by all necessary stakeholders, due to its reliance on external APIs, to ensure the booking process for various partners worked effectively and efficiently prior to launch


Breakfree Holidays

Software Used

Figma, Adobe Photoshop