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Mail+ – Digital Launch Campaign

As Design Lead on the Mail+ app and subscription service relaunch, my job was to create a design concept to showcase the new app and its improvements, create a suite of digital ads for social media platforms and PPC, design a promotional video highlighting the app features, and to create a storefront design where Mail+ prospective customers could sign up to the app subscription service.

After extensive meetings between internal stakeholders and members of the Mail+ team, I went about creating a concept which highlighted the new apps far more visually appealing UI, as well as showcasing the many fresh features and topics available. Once the concept was approved, I needed to ensure that the designs could be rolled out simultaneously between various digital platforms before moving onto a promotional video design which followed the same brief.

Once all of these assets had been completed, I was tasked with redesigning the storefront landing pages through which Mail+ prospective customers could sign up to the Mail’s subscription service before handing the designs off to their development team.


Mail+ (Mail Newspapers Group)

Software Used

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects